This form is for our customers that pretty much know what they want. You either already have a design or you have a list of cabinets you need. If you need design help you should just call one of our designers at 727-253-1494.

We have included a Sample Design below on the left as well as a Sample List of Cabinets on the right. Our goal is to get your quote back to you within 72 hours. 80% of our cabinets can have a turn around time of 9 days or less. Others 3 weeks, and our semi custom line 4-5 weeks.

For “Online Quotes” we now only accept as a list of cabinets. Please do not send over drawings or designs. Many drawings need interpretation and there are usually questions and changes that need to be discussed and this creates many emails & changes. Our 2 designers meet in person with over 110 people per month and we sell 40 – 50 kitchens per month so it gets to be a bit much to try to do additional designs & juggle the back and forth emails from an emailed design.  95% of our customers come in with a design or just measurements and we can work alongside together to create a great design. The online quote process is designed to give you an idea of price. We can then either meet in person or have a phone call to tighten up the design prior to placing the order.

Please only send a list of cabinets or a image like on the left below. 

This will expedite your quote request.

You will only be able to upload 1 file, so make it a good one. If possible print your name email and phone number on the document as well.

If you’re sending a sample design you don’t need to provide a Sample List of Cabinets, because cabinets are listed on the design.

When sending a list of cabinets use the format for the Items  in the “Sample List of Cabinets” below. Try to make your list as simple as possible. Here are a few items that will help expedite your quote.

  • Base Cabinets are 34.5″ tall
  • Base Cabinets start at 6″ wide and increase in 3 inch increments
  • Wall Cabinets are 30″, 36″ & 42″ tall or
  • Wall Cabinets 12″h, 18″h, 24 h” (for above fridge & stove 30″, 33″, 36″ wide)